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You've Been Doing it Wrong

Have you ever realized how most of the shampoos around there say that they do miracles with your hair? Perfect curls, repair split ends, fix dry or oily hair, make it grow, etc. ?

But have you seen them work as well as they said so?

Here's what you've been doing wrong

We usually shampoo our hair once and condition it afterwards, that's normal right?

I once read an article that said that when you first apply shampoo to wash your hair the action that the shampoo is doing is ONLY cleaning your hair, since it removes the layer of oil and dirt from your scalp, but if you apply it a second time, then the shampoo does what it's supposed to do, it acts directly on your clean scalp making your hair shinier, curlier or whatever your shampoo was made for.

So now you know, the next time you take a shower, shampoo your hair twice even three times if your have greasy hair and you'll see the difference in a week.

I tried it and it was a success!

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